Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy People

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for happiness for all!!

Big Announcement of the Month: My manuscript "Season of Justice" is a finalist in TWO contests!!

I found out this weekend that I'm a finalist in the First Coast Romance Writers 2007 Beacon Contest and also the 2007 Golden Palm Contest! I'm flattered and excited to be chosen for these honors. My entry will be forwarded to an agent and an editor, and I will be notified of the results in late March. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
December is here and like most people, I'm crazy busy. What is it about being so busy that makes me want to write even more than usual? I think there are two reasons.
First, I'm a homebody. I'd much rather be home in a sweatshirt and baggy pants, in front of the wood stove (cranked up to high heat with about 5-6 logs on it) and a glass of wine this chilly time of year rather than go out. But hibernating is not the way to generate writing ideas. Lucky for me, my friends send invitations to parties, other friends invite me out for holiday coffee dates and of course I'm constantly at the mall. Getting out, being around lots of people energizes me, gets my creative juices flowing.
Secondly, that old saying 'If you want something done, ask a busy person' is so true! The busier I am, the more ideas I come up with for stories. Not only that, but if I'm pressed for time, and only have an hour to sit at the computer and write...guess what? That's when the ideas come pouring out like a water spigot without a turn-off valve! I can't stop writing. I end up being late to pick up the kids from school, late getting dinner on the table and...well, you get the idea.
And loving every minute of it!
Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful (and busy) holiday season. No use complaining about it. Hey, it beats the alternative! Aren't we lucky to have so much fun stuff going on? Isn't it great that with all the bad things in the world, we can concentrate, if only for a little while, on putting up festive decorations, baking cookies to share, giving gifts to make others happy?

Get busy!