Saturday, January 2, 2010

Almost Vegetarian

Well, this should be interesting.
I’ve never been a big meat lover, but after finding out some not-so-great facts about the way animals are treated on factory farms as they are raised for meat, I am challenging myself to change the way our family eats.
It wouldn’t be a bad thing if we got healthier along the way too.
But the challenge is going to be finding meals that:
1.) Are easy to shop for
2.) Are easy to prepare
3.) Taste good for everyone in a picky family. And having one member who detests beans is going to make this all the harder.
4.) Are not too costly

Today is day one of an interesting journey. I’d love to hear comments and suggestions (and recipes…looking for recipes that have been successful for others).
Tonight’s dinner: Eggplant parmesan (Frozen…I’m totally cheating. But it’ll be a good test.)