Saturday, April 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Sweet Tea with a Hot Guy?

Six Sentence Sunday: Where writers share six sentences from their published or unpublished books.
Here’s a snippet from LOVE DELIVERED, my contemporary romance novella. Small-town love vs. big-city dreams. Hope you enjoy! And check out Pete, the mailman...

     At the sound of three knocks on the front door, Bianca smiled and pressed the lid on the spackle bucket.
     She ran her hand over her ponytail, hoping to calm the stray locks, and raced down the carpeted steps. Her heart beat faster and her body came alive.
     Pete stood at the front door wearing a giant smile and holding a box of tea bags.
     “Figured I should start pitching in before I deplete your supply.”
     “Come in for some sweet tea?”

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Kate said...

This has promise, but does he have time? He's not in the middle of his route, is he? Lovely six.

Teresa Cypher said...

*smiling* nice scene. You have a polished way of tucking in details so that the reader won't be distracted. I think I notice them because I am studying what I see, not just reading the action.

Sign me up for a cup of tea with a hot guy...oh wait...I have Lipton and my husband here. :-) Have a great Easter Sunday, Joya!

Angela Quarles said...

Aaw what a sweetie! ;) Like the little details in the beginning too as you showed without telling that she's excited and a little nervous to see him!

Joya said...

LOL. He finishes his route before taking time to visit with Bianca. We wouldn't let him socialize on the government's dime. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hahaha about having Lipton and your husband there. Thanks very much for your kind words about tucking in details. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday, too! :)

Thanks very much for your nice words about the details and her nervousness. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday and thanks so much for stopping by. :)

Unknown said...

Yum. Sweet tea. hmm... Is that a euphemism? Nice six!

Donna Cummings said...

This is delightful. I love their interactions. :)

Christine Warner said...

Loved the innocence of this scene...very sweet :)

Joya said...

LOL. Why yes, I think sweet tea is a very fitting euphemism here.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. :)

Thanks very much! So glad you liked their interactions. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Glad you noticed the innocent tone of their budding relationship. Thanks very much for stopping by. :)

Kate said...

Cute guy, cute cover, cuter snippet! Come in for some sweet tea? Don't mind if I do!

Joya said...

LOL about coming in for some sweet tea. Come on in! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

Linda Morris said...

Come in for some tea, said the spider to the fly. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Nice six! Made me smile.

Joya said...

*said the spider to the fly* LOL!! Love it. Thanks for cracking me up and for stopping by today. :)

So glad the post made you smile! Thanks for stopping by to comment. :)