Monday, June 25, 2012

Stake Your Spot Early For July 4th Parade!

   When I set my summer love story, LOVE DELIVERED, in a small town, I knew it had to have a July 4th scene. In my hometown of Catonsville, MD, the parade is such a big deal, that people actually stake their spots along the 1.1-mile route two weeks in advance.
   Some people didn't believe that residents would set out chairs that far in advance. I have proof! 
   These next few days, I’ll be posting pics sent from Catonsville residents, about the growing lineup of chairs. Here are the first two photos. Enjoy! Remember to send your photos to

Thanks to Debbie Hardee Kingsbury whose brother-in-law took this photo. We spotted "Shirley" yesterday around 5 p.m. but ten minutes later, she was gone. Have you seen "Shirley?"

Thanks to Erica F. for this photo of someone who wants to be in the swing of things while they watch the parade. (Note the yellow "caution" tape. Another way to stake your spot.)

Thanks for sharing your photos. Keep ‘em coming and stop back every day between now and July 4th to see the “lawn chair updates.”


Diane Burton said...

I love it! For the Tulip Time Parade in Holland, MI, people set out tarps for their site along the parade route--and nobody moves them! But, the city won't allow "reservations" until after 9p the night before. Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. Small towns are great!

Joya said...

Diane-Wow, that's incredible. I guess people are more trustworthy than we give them credit for, eh? Thanks very much for stopping by and I agree that small towns are great. :)