Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sexy is...a shirtless, hot drummer. #8Sunday #SnippetSunday

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Don't you just love a man who can bang...a drum. Especially a shirtless, sexy man? Hope you enjoy this scene from my newest release, Forever's Promise. Shelby hears drums and follows the sound to find her husband-in-name-only playing the drums.

  Leaning against the doorframe, Shelby took in Russ’s closed eyes and bare chest as he hit the drums and shook his head along with the beat.
   Damn. Her head stopped pounding, probably because her blood drained to her feet. Her heart raced. His muscular arms rippled as they sped from drum to drum. His neck corded. Sweat glistened on his muscular chest. Is this what he looks like during sex?
   Oh holy shit.

Forever's Promise, a marriage of convenience novella.
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Nan said...

I'd never thought about a shirtless drummer--now I can't stop thinking about it. Nice descriptions!

Joya said...

@ Nan- LOL that you can't stop thinking about a shirtless drummer now. Good!!! :)

Red Wing citizen said...

Maybe my preference, I like to see hair on his chest. But you certainly got adrenalin pulsing and the drumbeat accentuates it.

HistorySleuth said...

Now that was a great visual of what's going on in her head. Nicely done.

Veronica Scott said...

I LOVE drummers! Terrific snippet, i'm totally there LOL.

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh, your words gave me such a visual, Joya. And...dang! it was a sweet visual. :-)

Wait till Owllady @ Letter Go reads this one ;-)

Jess Schira said...

Wow, before your post I would have said the same of guitarist, but you might have changed my mind. Great post!

Kate Warren said...

So that's what those drummer groupies see that I've been missing! I think she's digging his rhythym.

Anonymous said...

Oh holy shit is right! great post!

Mandy Earles said...

Mmm, very sexy snippet. A yummy drummer and with those muscles... yeah, I'd start to have naughty thoughts as well ;)

Joya said...

@Red Wing: Glad it got your adrenalin pumping! :)

@History Sleuth-thanks so much!
@Veronica-I love drummers, too! (Obviously!) THanks!
@Teresa-Yay! Glad you enjoyed the visual. :)

Joya said...

@Jess-Well, I think guitarists are pretty hot, too. Heck...musicians are hot! :)
@Kate-LOL. Love it. "She's digging his rhythym.
@Ann-LOL! Glad you thought so. :)
@Mandy-Oh yeah! :)
Thanks for stopping by to comment, everyone. :)