Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucky Seven!

Claire Ashgrove, Laura Kaye, and Kate Warren all tagged me for the Lucky Seven game! First of all, Lucky me that these gals are my friends, secondly here's the details for the game:

What this means is I am posting a short excerpt: Page 77, Line 7, Seven lines long. Here's the excerpt from my debut novel, BENEATH THE SURFACE.

Then her eyes scanned to the writing.
She turned around, caught the anguished look on Garrett's face as he, too, studied the photo. He blinked several times and the corners of his mouth drew down. Pain painted his face like a shot to the gut.
He glanced from the poster and answered her unvoiced question.
"My cousin Tessa," he said, his voice cracking.

And I'm tagging these awesome 7 writers: Jan Romes
                                                                     Kathleen Kole
                                                                     Peggy Edelheit
                                                                     MaryAnn Kempher
                                                                     Mina Khan
                                                                     Jerrica Knight-Cantania
                                                                     Loree Lough


Teresa Cypher said...

Nice snippet. :-) Very expressive--nice word choice :-) "Pain painted his face like a shot to the gut."

I found my way here from Kate's blog ...

Joya said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Teresa and liking my word choice, Teresa.
Very cool that you found your way to my blog via Kate's! :)

Karapee said...

Great rread thankyou