Saturday, May 26, 2012

Would You Be Able to Save a Life? #SixSunday

   Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday: Where writers share six sentences from their published or unpublished books.
   In this snippet from my debut romantic suspense, BENEATH THE SURFACE, Brooke has just witnessed her best friend’s boat explode. What would you do? How would you react?

  On shaking legs, she ran to the end of the pier and snatched the emergency life preserver ring. She headed to the edge of the pier amidst a shower of tiny red embers and whispered a heartfelt prayer.
   Please be alive.
   “Whoa. Let’s take a skiff.” Running footsteps vibrated the dock and she turned as a gray-bearded fisherman grabbed her elbow and pulled her away
from the ledge.

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GraceMyBookSnack said...

I love this snippet because it shows Brooke's concern for her friends. If I witnessed that, I would be in shock and likely jump in the water to help if I could.

Joya said...

Hi Grace,
Thanks so much for stopping by, Grace. I have a feeling you're right--you'd be there for your friends no matter what.
Happy Memorial Day weekend! xxoo

Donna Cummings said...

I like that she's scared but trying to help despite that -- great six.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Had to repost my comment because of all the typos. The perfectionist in me couldn't leave it the way it was.


It says a lot about Brooke's character that she wants to help even though she's terrified. You do a good job of getting your reader to identify with and like her.

Jess Schira said...

I really enjoyed the intensity of your six. Very nice job.

Laura Kaye said...

Great characterization; shows her bravery!

Anonymous said...

Great description, from the visual of the embers to the vibration of the dock from the running fisherman

A.S. Fenichel said...

This is a great piece of writing. Really impressive scene setting. :)

Daezarkian13 said...

Terrific six! I love the detail about the embers, very nice!

Paula Martin said...

Wow, the tension really comes through here! Great six!

Joya said...

@Donna-Thanks for noticing how scared she was, but still willing to help!

@Tonya-I'm the same way about typos, LOL. Thanks very much for saying it's easy for reader to relate to Brooke.

@Jess-Variety is the spice of life, right? LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

@Laura-Hey!! Thanks for noticing Brooke's bravery. :)

Kate said...

Brilliantly written, Joya. Her terror, her bravery, the sensations all around were expertly conveyed. Well done.

Wildcats Wife said...

There's a tense moment happening here. And, I bet Brooke isn't too happy this fisherman intruded in her rescue.

Joya said...

Kate-Brooke thanks you for calling her brave, LOL. :)

@Angela-Glad you enjoyed the embers and shaking dock. Thanks! :)

@A.S.-Thanks! So glad you enjoyed the setting details.

@Daezarkin-Hot embers, for sure! Thanks. :)

@Paula-Glad you felt the tension.

@Wildcats Wife-You're so right about that! LOL. She doesn't like the fisherman interfering. (But she DOES need his help.) :)