Thursday, August 2, 2012

Michael Phelps and I are Book Title Twins!

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   Beneath the Surface! A fitting name for Michael Phelps' autobiography since he's spent so much of his life under water. Also a fitting name for my debut romantic suspense because Brooke Richards, the heroine of my debut romantic suspense, is an underwater archaeologist who spends a great deal of time under the water's surface, too.
   To celebrate my *book twin's* Olympic swimming successes, I'm giving away a swag pack (pictured below) for each Olympic medal that Phelps wins at the 2012 Summer Olympics!! Go, Michael, Go! I hope I give away lots of swag packs!

Joya's swag pack includes tote bag, pen, autographed
bookmark, Romance Trading Cards, pens and
sticky notepad.

Leave a comment here on my blog telling me about your favorite Olympic moment so far (be sure to leave your email so I can contact you) to enter.  That's it!! Winners will be drawn August 13th. Contest is open to US only.

Thanks so much for stopping by, enjoy the Olympics, and hope you're reading lots of books this summer, including any and all versions of BENEATH THE SURFACE!


Sharon said...

Sucha neat idea, Joya! While I think Michael is a gifted swimmer...I think I prefer your book! :D

Joya said...

LOL, Sharon. Too cute!! Thanks SO much for all of your support. :)

Carin said...

and aren't you both Marylander's? My favorite moment so far has been the adorable gymnasts winning the gold. Carin

Joya said...

You're right, Carin! Michael Phelps and I are Marylanders, too!! Oh my gosh, those gymnasts were too cute winning that gold, weren't they? Huge, happy smiles. So fun to watch.
Thanks very much for stopping by to comment! :)

Barbara said...

Joya, there have been several moments, but a few stand out. One, is how indidvidual competitors/rivals like Phelps and Lochte can transition so easily to being a tight knit team. The other is watching Phelps' mother as her son competes. What a tribute to thier relationship and the support he receives.

Joya said...

Hi Barbara! What a great observation about Phelps and Lochte! I agree that it's so cool how they compete, and then five minutes later, they are teammates. I interviewed Debbie Phelps for an article once (she and I live in MD) and she is as gracious and kind in person as she is on TV! :)

Kate Dolan said...

My favorite moment was watching gymnast Jordan Wieber (spelling?) do her floor routine in the team final. Her smile radiated with enough power to light up half the globe.

Teresa Cypher said...

I am getting so old--a silly emotional old fool, lol. I cry when I witness those moments. My fave--I was really rooting for Gabby, so when she took the all around gold, yep--if you guessed that I cried, I did. :-) I suppose it didn't help that I watched the video beforehand--her mom and family--and her family away from home near her coach. Neat idea, Joya. And how cool is that--you and Michael with the same book title?? :-)

Joya said...

@Kate-LOL about Jordon lighting up half the globe. That was a great moment! Thanks very much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Olympics. :)

@Teresa-I don't think you're silly at all (I don't think you're old either from the looks of your pic, LOL) to cry at the achievements and stories of the athletes. Very emotional moments! Life changing moments!! Thanks very much for stopping by and sharing. :)

Joya said...

Wow! You guys are the best. Since Michael Phelps won so many medals, the winners of swag packs are:


You should receive an email from me very soon. If you didn't leave your email address, no worries. Just email me to let me know your address: joya (at)

Thanks again for participating! :)