Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Almost Time For The Parade! Small Town Celebrates in Style!

    Some more July 4th fun!  Here are more photos (compliments of my wonderful daughter who went out in 99 degree weather) of how things look along the parade route.
     This small-town tradition of staking a spot weeks in advance of the parade inspired a scene in my story, LOVE DELIVERED.
She's such a *doll* for saving a parade spot
for everyone!

Double duty parade seat?

Sometimes you need more than a lawn chair to save
your parade spot.

Uh oh...if you haven't saved your spot for this small
town July 4th parade yet, you might be out of luck.
Thanks for stopping by. Come back tomorrow for some live shots of the July 4th fun in the small town that inspired a scene in LOVE DELIVERED!
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teresa said...

Perfect! I'll be checking in tomorrow to 'see' the parade. Happy 4th!

Joya said...

@Teresa-Awesome! Can't wait to share the small town parade pics with you. :)