Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photos! Small Town July 4th parade inspired a scene in a book.

Hope you enjoy these photos from the real life version of the small town July 4th parade  that inspired a scene in my story, LOVE DELIVERED.

The band plays on the front lawn! In LOVE DELIVERED, it's a high
school band. In real life, it's the awesome Baltimore Marching Ravens band!!
Walking on stilts through the parade

Front yard...just like Pete's yard in LOVE DELIVERED.

Men in Kilts!!

Captain Dee Fense and two parade friends.

Parade spectators dancing to the beat on the huge Victorian porch.

A romance reader!!!

Thanks very much for stopping by today, and thanks for sharing in the fun of a small town parade these past two weeks.


GraceMyBookSnack said...

Oh my goodness! I love it all! Just like in the book. Thank you so much for sharing all these pics!

Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

Great pix, Joya! I felt as if I was there with you! xoxo

Joya said...

@Grace-Thanks very much for checking out the pictures. So glad to hear you think they looked like the scene from Love Delivered.
Once again...thanks for ALL of your wonderful support. :)

@Sharon-Awesome! Wish you WERE there. ;) Thanks very much for stopping by to comment. :)