Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wait...Are You a Ghost, Too? #SixSunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday: Where writers share six sentences from their published or unpublished books.

In this snippet from my just-released novel, HEREAFTER, the hero and heroine are trying to figure out just exactly how ghostly they really are.

   “Why would you think I’m a ghost?” He pinched the skin on his arm as if that were proof of his human existence.
   Angie tilted her head to study him. He certainly looked human. Could he be a ghost and not know it? “I saw you today in my other world.”

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Jessica E. Subject said...

It's great that they're struggling with their new life as ghosts, together! Great six! :-)

Unknown said...

Now, that's an interesting conversation!

Anonymous said...

Oh, intriguing premise! Awesome!

Joya said...

@ Jess-Struggling for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

@Eleri-LOL! Glad you think so. Thanks!

@cerian-Thanks very much! It was a premise that wouldn't leave me alone. :)

Casey said...

Ohh, what a teasing discovery! Love the idea that he can be a ghost and not know it.

--Kimberly K. Comeau

Joya said...

@ Casey-LOL! Thanks. Maybe we're all ghosts and we don't know it.... Okay, just kidding! :)

Kate Warren said...

Ooh! Does she know him better than he knows himself or are there shadows at play? Interesting, in a very good way.

Teresa Cypher said...


Love this: "I saw you today in my other world."

Nice six, Joya! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooo...good chill moment!

Joya said...

@Kate-Hmmm, you're a good guesser about those shadows at play. :)


@Laurel-Oh yes. Chill is always good. :) Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

This has me SO curious about Angie, and the mysterious man, love it!