Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Okay to Lean on Someone Else Once in a While #SnippetSunday

Welcome to another Snippet Sunday! In this excerpt from Hereafter (Book 1, Hauntings at Inner Harbor), Angie discovers it doesn't make her weak to accept help. Sometimes we all need someone to lean on.

He lifted her chin with a finger. "I promise, I’ll find out what you need to know. I’ll do everything I can to help you."

Angie smiled, surprised that she could when her heart swelled with misery. If she could find out what happened on her own, she would. But she couldn’t. She needed Rob. The expression on his face, the sadness in his eyes told her he wanted to know her story almost as badly as she did.

Hereafter, a contemporary romance with a ghostly twist, is available now:
Decadent Publishing   Amazon   Barnes&Noble

Altered Frequency (Book 2, Hauntings at Inner Harbor) is coming soon!

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Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

Lovely snippet , Joya. Really tugging at the reader's heart strings!

Joya said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! :)