Monday, January 20, 2014

Haunted Love: Now available in print! #ghosts #romance #PNR

I'm so excited to announce that all three books from the Hauntings at Inner Harbor ghost series are now available in one print book!

What do you get when you mix rugged guys, gorgeous women, a century-old haunted apartment building and meddling ghosts? Spicy, spine-tingling romance for three sexy couples, that’s what!

Pete doesn’t believe in ghosts. At least, not until he meets Angie, the beautiful spirit that haunts his apartment. Angie is looking for answers about her former earthly life, and Pete needs a reason to believe. But even if they find what they’re searching for, how can they share all the intimacies love has to offer…if he’s human and she’s a ghost!

Altered Frequency
Popular deejay Missy has decided the best way to heal from a tragic loss is to avoid men with dangerous jobs, and that includes her good-looking neighbor, Blake. When a matchmaking ghost gets involved—and danger rears its terrifying head—Missy and Blake realize they need each other in ways that are anything but physical.

Sidelined Afterlife
Try as he might, Hunter can’t shake the ghost that has been shadowing him. Enter Veronica, the psychic-medium who hates her “gift.” They realize early on that the only path to freedom is to help Hunter’s ghost find closure on unfinished business in this world. What Hunter and Veronica don’t realize is that falling in love might be part of the plan.

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